Directory of Research Experts/Supervisors


Bangor University

* Roger Slack

University of Birmingham

*Dr. Lisa Morriss

Bolton University

*Clementinah Rooke

Bristol University

* Rebecca Barnes

Cardiff University

* Robin Smith

* Will Housley

DeMonfort University

* Chris Elsey

University of East Anglia

* Dr. Rupert Read

Edge Hill University

* Dr. Sally Hester

Edinburgh University 

* Gianmarco Campagnolo

* Joseph Gafaranga

* Claire Haggett

* Mark Hartswood

* Steve Kirkwood

* Eric Laurier

* Sue Widdicombe

University of Essex

*Rebecca Clift

*Hiroko Tanaka

University of Exeter

*Rose McCabe

Keele University

*  Alexandra Kent

University of Kent

*  Mike Forrester

King’s College London

* Christian Heath

* Jon Hindmarsh

* Paul Luff

* Dirk vom Lehn

* Beatrice Szczepek Reed

University of Lancaster

* Monika Buscher

* Mark Rouncefield

University of Leicester

* Ian Hutchby

* Jessica Lester

* Michelle O’Reilly

University of Liverpool

* Phil Brooker

* Michael Mair

London School of Economics

* Katie Best

University College London

* Suzanne Beeke

* Steven Bloch

* Will Gibson (no direct URL available)

* Terhi Korkiakangas (no direct URL available)

Loughborough University 

* Charles Antaki

* Carly Butler

* Paul Drew

* Liz Peel

* Marco Pino

* Jessica Robles

* Marc Scully

* Rein Ove Sikveland

* Liz Stokoe

* Laura Thompson

* Cristian Tileagă

University of Manchester

* Ivan Leudar

*  Wes Sharrock

* Paul V. Smith

* Susan Speer

* Ann Wakefield

* Emma Richardson

Manchester Ethnography Group

* Phil Brooker

* Graham Button

* Andrew Carlin

* Dave Randall

* John Rooke

Manchester Metropolitan University

* Dave Calvey

* Jacqueline Eke

*Phil Hutchinson

University of Newcastle

* Neil Jenkings

*Prof. Andrea Whittle

*Prof. Steve Walsh

*Prof. Paul Seedhouse

*Dr. Adam Brandt

*Dr. Chris Leyland

*Dr Alan Firth

Northumbria University

* Tim Rapley

* John Rooksby

University of Nottingham

* Andy Crabtree

* Lewis Hyland

* Neha Gupta

* Ruth Parry

* Alison Pilnick

* Stuart Reeves

* Peter Tolmie

Plymouth University 

* Tim Auburn

* Jillian Pooler

Queen Margaret University College

* Bregje de Kok

University of Roehampton

* Paul Dickerson

* John Rae

University of Salford (Manchester)

* Joanne Meredith

University of Sheffield

* Alex Dennis

* Ray Wilkinson

* Tom Muskett

* Gareth Walker

* Traci Walker

Stirling University

* Bethan Benwell

* May McCreadie

Staffordshire University

* Mike Ball

University of York

* Clare Jackson

* Celia Kitzinger

* Darren Reed

* Merran Toerien

* Sue Wilkinson

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