The EMCA Doctoral Network is a unique community for students interested in the interrelated fields of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (EMCA). The network will enable doctoral researchers:

  1. To meet with others adopting similar research approaches and at similar stages in their research careers
  2. To discuss their work in progress and to receive input and feedback from peers
  3. To share data, build their skills in analysis and discuss key developments in EMCA.
  4. To consider the contributions that EMCA makes to a range of different disciplines.

To do this the network has organised a series of biannual meetings for doctoral researchers from the UK and beyond. These will feature combinations of guest speakers, training events, data sessions and reading groups. Look at our ‘Events’ page to see the plan for the coming months.

We hope that members will continue debates, discussions and knowledge sharing in between meetings by joining our Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/emcadoctoralnetwork/

Please do join us, whether in person or on our Facebook group.

For questions or further information, do get in touch with Jon Hindmarsh (jon.hindmarsh@kcl.ac.uk)

The EMCA Doctoral Network is funded by the ESRC and a number of UK universities (see ‘people’ page for information on the current steering group).

Please note that an excellent site for EMCA information and resources can be found at: http://emcawiki.net/

One thought on “About

  1. Sandro Brincher

    Hi, there!
    My name is Sandro Brincher and I’m currently working on my PhD thesis on EMCA and online games. I would like to stay in touch with your group and collaborate in further events as well.
    Do you guys keep any social network group besides this blog? If so, I would like to join it.
    My email is sandrobrincher@gmail.com

    Stay safe
    All my best,

    Sandro Brincher
    University of Macau
    Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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